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Missed Connections Takes to the Road

UD - Quick Car FlirtingYou. Your ride. The open road. The blonde in the lane next to you.

But then poof, she's gone. You reached into your glove box. You swerved. And Christie Brinkley's deliciously evil twin got away.

We've got good news. We've found her. And it was all thanks to her license plate number and your old friend, the Internet.

Introducing Quick Car Flirting, a new site hell-bent on introducing you to those dark, mysterious motorists who got away, online now.

In short, it's like Craigslist's Missed Connections section went on a road trip. Once you register, you'll have to fork over one important number—the one on your license plate—and give 'em a few basic stats, like whether you drink or smoke (yes, and depends who's asking). And then, you'll sit back (ideally in traffic) and wait, as legions of the nation's most attractive motorists try to track down that rakish driver blasting "Almost Paradise" with the top down.

Of course, this thing can also work the other way. So the next time you spot a mysterious redhead sitting next to you at a red light—the one with the sunglasses who you swear mouthed, "Call me"—discreetly jot down her license number as she zooms off into the sunset. Then calmly return home, and type it into the site. So long as she's registered—and if it's meant to be, she will be—you'll be able to get in touch and generate a little four-wheeled magic.

Which naturally leads to the question: her car or yours?

Source: Urban Daddy