What is Quick Car Flirting?  
Quick Car Flirting is a brand new revolutionary way to meet/interact with that “Someone Special”.   Simply enter in the license plate of the perspective party you see on the road while stuck in traffic, the parking lot at work or home and if they are registered contact them through the secure server.
Every individual’s license plate number is available to whoever sees them on the road while driving.  You will be contacted securely thru the site and never will your personal information be given to the perspective party contacting you.
Does QCF work?
Yes! The more people who are registered on QCF site the greater your chances of meeting them.  So, tell all your friends!  
What are the odds of actually meeting someone I’m attracted to through QCF?
QCF is available nationwide so the possibilities are endless.
How much does QCF cost?
QCF is free to join for a limited time!
How do I get started?
Simply click the sign up tab and you’re on your way to matchmaking.
How do I search for someone I’m interested in that I’ve seen?
Simply enter their license plate and use the filters provided to find that person.   
I’ve tried internet dating and it wasn’t for me, how is this different?
QCF is not internet dating at all.  You actually “see” the person before you contact them as opposed to conventional internet dating where you first see the picture then contact the individual. 
How do I stop someone from contacting me/viewing my profile?
QCF’s site has a block option available to do just that.
I just want to search for someone and contact them without having a profile myself. Is this possible?  
Yes, all you need to do is register securely and have an email address that we can contacted at. 
How do I advertise with QCF?
Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]